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 Logistics and Special Delivery Services

 Quality Product Order Confirmation

 Professional Vendors Business Identity

 Special Specification Order Placement (SSOP)

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Our Services


This is an online e-commerce marketing website where made in Aba/Nigeria products are displayed and opportunity is given to people all over the world to view these items and select whichever one they want for wholesale or retail purchase. It a marketplace where once interested buyers select what they want and order for it, and it will be produced according to their own specification s.

Abanaijamade Logistics and Delivery Services:

Our delivery partners that will be responsible for handling shipping of the goods purchased by the customer to ensure it gets to them as soon as possible.

Abanaijamade Transaction Protection Services:

This is also a value-added services where we not just verify the producer, manufacturer or seller, we will also ensure the products meet required standard in the contract and delivered as requested. This way, the buyer is always protected and assured of quality service delivery.

Abanaijamade Business Identity:

This is the identification and confirmation of producers, manufacturers and sellers. An identified dealer will have a verified tag attached to his/her identity thereby boosting public trust.

Abanaijamade Special Placement:

This will involve advertising products and manufactures on our platforms. This will also be a paid service.

Abanaijamade Physical Stores:

These are the physical stores where those desirous of purchasing Made In Aba/Nigeria items can go and inspect what they want to purchase or order for. The stores will offer wholesale and retail services and will receive orders from customers, contact the producers and ensure delivery. The stores will showcase a wide range of items that can be produced in Aba/Nigeria and serve as a one-stop-shop on all things produced in Aba/Nigeria

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