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Isi-Agu Traditional Dressing Galore

Isi-Agu Traditional Dressing Galore

Isi-Agu Traditional Dressing Galore

Over the decades, the dressing of a particular attire known as “ISI-AGU” meaning the Tiger head was not commonly known and seen as a dress code among the Yorubas and the Northern side of Nigeria. It was obviously known and
meant for the South Eastern part of Nigeria, and has been naturally seen as part of their dressing. It was widely known that only men from South Eastern part of Nigeria dresses on this kind of attire on  special occasions. Not even women!

Interestingly, as the prodigious campaign of the patronage of Made in Nigeria products keeps yielding fruits, the dressing of Isi-Agu attire can now be seen in every part of the country, and could be sown among men & women, unlike the past. Kudos to “Buy Proudly Made in Nigeria” campaign.

It was another interesting event in Lagos as the Family of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM Valley Estate Chapter) did their Annual Thanksgiving Service with the theme “Graceful”. Everything about the Thanksgiving was on point. The Church was fully decorated with Nigerian Ankara, traditional hats and locally made hand fans. Everybody in the Church was gorgeously dressed. The most surprising and interesting part of it was that the Thanksgiving Committee Members were gorgeously dressed with the Isi-Agu material both Men & Women, they were looking wonderful. Honestly they were. The resident pastor, Rev. Oke Omezi who is the head of TREM Lagos Zone 8, and his amiable Wife, Pst. Rose Omezi ¬†dressed with their swagalicious Isa-Agu with their traditional bids fully representing on their necks. Rev. Oke Omezi also encourages buy Made in Nigeria Products, as the Bishop of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission(TREM), Dr. Mike Okonkwo MFR has been in the fore front on the campaign of the patronage of Made in Nigeria products.

The guest minister, Rev. Dele Salawu who encouraged people to always give thanks to God who has kept us alive. He further said that it is because God’s Gracefulness to us that made us not to be consumed by our enemies. Among the Artist that performed were; Still Ringing, Oluwalonibisi, Frankie, MC Ajele, MC Mekus, Norio, BBLUIS, GFactor & Dunamis Power Choir who also dressed in their Abanaijamade Attire. Indeed, our attitude towards the patronage of Made in Nigeria products is gradually turning around. Thanks goes to people like Bishop.Dr Mike Okonkwo MFR, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Senator. Enyinnaya Abaribe, Sen. Ben Bruce who fearlessly ¬†initiated the campaign of the patronage of Made in Nigeria Products and still supporting it to it’s fullness. Let’s do our best, the Change that we need is within us, and can only come from us!


Ifeanyi Chris.. writting from Lagos

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